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Have you ever been frustrated that you just can't find what you need on a Web site? How long are you willing to search before you leave the site for good?

How do you know if your customers are getting what they need on your own site?

We use some powerful quantitative and qualitative tools to help answer this question. The ultimate goal is to create an information architecture that will make it easy for them to accomplish what they want to do.

Here are a few tools that we use to help us understand your users:

• Online Surveys: an inexpensive tool that can be placed on your site or e-mailed to your customers

• Site Analytics: a method of analyzing your Web data to understand where customers are entering or    dropping off your site

• Usability Lab: a portable lab that allows us to videotape the user's expressions and their mouse   movements at the same time

• Eye Tracking: a scientific method of tracking eye movement on the screen

Ideally, a combination of these tools is used to help us craft the right solution. The objective? Putting your customer at the center of the interactive experience.

To learn more about our user testing and research experience contact us : neronart[@]neronart.com

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NERONART.COM is one of the best Croatian interactive marketing and technology agency. Since 2002 we have built world-class, customer-focused Web sites, intranets and extranets, supported by interactive marketing and advertising campaigns.
Our work involves rigorous usability testing, customer research, site analytics and technologies such as e-commerce systems, content management and personalization tools
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