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3D Visualization

Wouldn't it be nice if you could physically project your vision onto a screen for everyone to see?

Until such a time when we have "wet-wired" USB plugs in our heads to broadcast our visions, 3D imagery and animation is the very next best thing to bring your plans and designs to life before they are ever built or remodeled.

Who Can Benefit From Architectural 3D Image Services?

If you are an architect, interior designer, a real estate developer, a real estate agent or advertising agency working to promote an architectural space...you need NERONART.COM working to bring your vision to stunning life.

What NERONART.COM Can Offer For Your Architectural Visualization

Stilll Image 3D Renders

Photo realistic 3D models created from your sketches or CAD files supplied by the client. In this fashion we can create a realistic scene and landscape which includee trees, grass, people, cars, night/day environment, even outdoor lighting based on real world lattitude and longitude coordinates for any location in the world on any date on the calendar.

Photo Montage

This technique incorporates blending an existing photograph of the location of your proposed architecture with the 3D models, accurate lit to create a seamless vision of your proposed space.

3D Floor Plans

This takes a conventional approach to providing simple to understand floor plans and bring it into the modern 3D world. 3D floor plans show an accurate layout of the rooms level by level with the roofing removed giving you a clear view of the entire layout. Cross sections can also be performed across any axis needed. The rooms will be fully furnished and custom furniture and design style can be arranged to match the clients desires.

Animation -- Fly Bys and Flythroughs

Beautifully rendered animations are the ultimate way to portray the vision you have. This is the most creative way to show your audience what your plan it. We can animate gentle birds eye fly bys for an exterior overview and we can create first person walk throughs of your space. All animations are edited into a high definition video, including custom titles and even background music and sound effects.

Virtual Tours

This type of content allows the user to navigate themselves through the entire scene, going from room to room and explore all facets of the planned construction. This can also be nicely converted to be displayed on your corporate website

To learn more about 3D visualizations, contact us by e-mail to: neronart[@]neronart.com

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